Thursday, August 28, 2008

New "old" canvases

I recently took several paintings to my local gallery
and picked up some other paintings to bring home. When I came home I thought about what to do with all the paintings I now needed to store. I already had several paintings stashed around the house. Somewhere along the line I changed my focus and the paintings from the past just do not measure up anymore. 

So I took 24 canvases outside to the back yard and painted gesso over them. I feel very good about doing this which is surprising considering how much time, work and thought goes into them when I painted them. A very freeing decision with no regrets. New canvases, new ideas and a fresh start for the fall. All good.

First blog

August 20, 008

I've been reading artist's blogs for some time now and enjoy what they have shared. I have also read several posts about how having a blog will improve my art practice. I'm looking forward to seeing if this is true. 

I want to share what I'm doing in the studio with pictures of work in progress and my discoveries as well as my mistakes. I'm looking forward to meeting other artists who share their work and thoughts on their blogs.