Monday, January 25, 2010

Is Art Broken?

I've just finished four new paintings and will post them after they are photographed. Below is an earlier painting that I've always liked called "Latent Potential".

Go here to read about if art is broken or not.

Artbiz blog has a good list of books about art.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thoughts about painting/holiday photos

Here are two photos taken at my daughter's house at Christmas. The video of a fire place was very realistic and even burned down to glowing cinders before going back automatically to the start of the fire. The moose is decorated for each holiday or season.

Before Christmas I went to the Pittock Mansion and here are a couple of photos.

Thinking about painting is seldom far from my mind even when I'm sick or confined to the business of daily living. I've been dealing with a series of upper respiratory infections since the holidays and certainly have run out of patience with the whole mess long ago!

So I've purchased some new canvases--did I really need more? No. But they were good prices and I'm dreaming of creating larger pieces. My studio set up limits me to 36X36 canvases so I'm thinking of painting multiple canvases and hanging them together in different configurations. It's all in the development stages right now.

I liked this quote. Does it seem a little over reaching? Maybe, but why not stretch a bit.

"My aim in painting is to create pulsating, luminous, and open surfaces that emanate a mystic light, in accordance with my deepest insight into the experience of life and nature."Hans Hofmann

If you're checking your "trap line" Steve, hi there!