Friday, August 27, 2010

Kick start and play

Some days you just need a little kick start to begin painting. And some days nothing I paint pleases me and the harder I work on a piece the less I like it. I'm talking about the three or four paintings I've been working on off and on--mainly off. The last colors I put on will now again be gessoed over.

So today when I read Robert Genn's twice weekly newsletter it was really written for me. It's time to play. It's time to start a new piece and turn the starts to the wall for a while. I'm stubborn and will not give up on the earlier paintings.

My critique group has a salon show in a member's home October 2nd and 3rd. I wanted to do some smaller pieces on paper and mat them for the show. It isn't going well and I have more trouble with smaller pieces so I'm not going to force it. It hasn't been fun and if it isn't fun then why am I doing it at all?

Here is the link to the Genn newsletter.

Yesterday I read a blog about a woman who liked to travel and was solo now. Her thought matches mine for travel and painting both: "While I can, I will".

Go paint.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I wanted to show you some of the lilies that are just blooming away in my yard. With all the cooler weather earlier I really wondered if they would bloom this summer. The hot temperatures this week have been hard on them but there are more blooms to come and the yard smells wonderful!

Not much time for painting currently. I have a chance to visit New York City in less than a month and I've been reading guide books and checking airlines and hotels on line. I don't want to buy the hotel room, just stay there a few nights. Talk about sticker shock. So much to see and do.