Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's November and where did October go?

I guess I ask this question every fall about where did the preceding month go.

I haven't been painting for several weeks. Just normal responsibilities and duties I guess. Then I've been dealing with right shoulder tendonitis for many months. Still doing physical therapy twice a week and doing better.

My critique group had a lot of group shows this year and that's kept us all busy.

I have a solo show during November at the clubhouse in the community where I live. The reception is this Thursday. Just found out I'm supposed to give a small speech about my process and history as a painter.

Starting December 11th I'll have a solo show at the Soluna Grill on NE Fremont in Portland. Haven't learned what the date for the reception will be. The show will end January 22nd 2011.

I'm getting a new computer this week and will sign up for the year of classes called One to One. It's been 6 1/2 years and I'm out of memory, the old one is really slow and there have been several operating system changes. iPhoto has a new and wonderful upgrade or two. Plus it's a new type of keyboard and mouse to learn. What fun!

I did buy a new brush which I like very much. It's a Richeson Professional 7010, 1 1/2", Steve Quiller.