Sunday, April 26, 2009

Catching up

I was sure I posted about taking some time off while my daughter had surgery on April 15th but didn't find it. So that was why I haven't been posting. It was a doozy of a surgery--her 15th one. But she's home now and taking it very easy as she mends. At least I hope she's resting and relaxing!

I've posted some photos I took today of my yard. The taller lilies in the pots are long established and the shorter ones were just planted this year. They will look wonderful and smell even better about July.

Monday, April 13, 2009

More on giving galleries what they want

Photo in a collector's house

Alyson B. Stanfield posted today about submitting work to a gallery on Art Biz Coach. The article suggestions another way to approach a new gallery. See also an earlier post about the same topic on my blog here.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Three new abstract paintings

I've posted before about paintings in progress here and here

Today I'm posting the finished paintings from my own camera. The new paintings will be taken to the photographer later in the month and I'll post those photos when they're finished.

All paintings are 24X30. The first one is "Medial Moraine ", the second one is "The Blend" and last is "Sanctuary". "Sanctuary" is acrylic paint over a base of gold leaf.

My daughter is having surgery on Wednesday and things will be on hold for a while around here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Art Saves Lives!

I subscribe to an e-newsletter from Creative Catalyst. They make very good art instructional DVDs. Toward the bottom of yesterday's newsletter was the "Behind the Camera" column. It really struck me as a timely article and I want to share it.

After reading the column again I now understand why I had a dream about rattlesnakes last night!

"Painting requires a present moment state of mind. It's an attentiveness that is a mixture of training, intuition and inner listening. At its best, it is a conversation between the artist, the subject and the painting. At its very best, it is all absorbing.

Yesterday I took the day off to paint with a couple of friends. Both are dealing with serious health issues in their families. They have found that one of the very few ways they can find some small relief from the stress in their lives is to paint. Thank goodness they have art to turn to. I was reminded of a once popular bumper sticker: "Art Saves Lives". I now have a better understanding of just what that means.

My mother's mentor, Lester Bonar, used to say, "Painting is like killing rattlesnakes. It takes your total attention." It is an intellectual and emotional dance. As our skill and understanding of design improve, we have more opportunity to express ourselves. Our art becomes less and less an evidence trail of our grappling with our medium. No matter how improved we may become, art can remain all absorbing.

As my friends go through their journey, I feel helpless to help. I hope they can continue to escape, even if only briefly, into the limitless pursuit of art."

Cheers, Lynn Powers

Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to get into a gallery & beach trip

I went to the Oregon coast with some friends where we rented a house and had a good time being together. However, the weather was cold and stormy and it was a make a fire in the fireplace and stay inside visit. I did go to Cannon Beach to see the galleries. I found being there on a Tuesday in the off season was not a good choice. Several restaurants were closed as well as a few galleries. If you want to go to Cannon Beach the first week end in May is a better choice as they have the Spring Opening then with lots of events in the galleries.

I've read a variety of books and blogs about how to get into a gallery. It isn't an easy task at the best of times and the rules have changed a little in the current economy. If you have suggestions or have something that worked for you, please let me know.

I've been reading the blogs from Joanne Mattera and Edward Winkleman for a while now and find their information to be excellent and thought provoking. Joanne wrote a blog about how not to approach a gallery and Edward wrote about her post and added some of his own thoughts. They are both good writers and state their opinions clearly and directly. Which I appreciate.