Friday, May 1, 2009

The next paintings

I have three paintings patiently waiting for me to continue with them. The two 12x24 pieces have previous paintings underneath what you see. One has silver leaf on part of it and the other has gold. Still not certain at this stage if they will be portrait or landscape. I've heard of people putting two hanging wires in each direction on the back so the owner of the painting can hang it which ever way they want. Sometimes, even in the later stages of a painting, I'll decide to change the orientation and wonder why I haven't seen it earlier.

The 24x30 painting has gold leaf over the whole canvas and I'm not sure where this painting will end up either! 

But they are all worthy of attention and time and will probably change a good deal before I think they're finished. Just a matter of finding the time which is always the way it seems to be around here. 

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