Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back from the trip to London and Paris

Here is a photo of the shoes I wore on my trip.
I'm back from my amazing trip and recovered (mainly) from the miserable cold I had when I returned. I didn't leave the house for eight days.

I've painted the last two days after at least two months of not painting and really enjoying it so much. I guess I didn't forget all I know about painting during the time off although I wondered once in a while.

I hadn't traveled for so long (14 nights) or so far in at least seven years so the preparation went on way too long. I learned a few things about what to take or not take, how to pack better and how to deal with airports. Flying is no problem, it's just the airports that are difficult.

I bought three or four new pairs of shoes before the trip and took three pairs with me. They all worked fine but one pair was a stand out and I'll never travel again without them. My feet were tired at the end of the day but never painful.

I'm not a big fan of Nike shoes and usually buy New Balance. Our local area has two shoe stores that have you stand on a foot pad and then a screen shows which areas of the foot take most of the weight and then they match you to a pair of insoles. I wasn't convinced this was really true and have to say I'm a believer now after many miles and many stairs on a daily basis.

One member of our group logged 58 miles on his pedometer with only about five or six days into the trip.

I'm glad to be home and painting again. I'll post some photos after I've worked on some of the paintings in progress.

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Jo Reimer said...

something else i have to buy... Nike shoes! These do look comfortable.
I'm looking forward to many posts about your trip to London and Paris.