Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New paintings

Here are four new paintings. The first one (Gilded History) has some gilding near the top but it's very hard to photograph and the only real way to see it is in person.

The bottom painting "Muse I" is the first of three similar paintings. The first background is a very bright yellow and the top or darkest color is the background of the second painting "Muse II"-which looks very orange in the photo. The third painting's background "Muse III" (which looks more red in the photo) is the darkest color on the second painting. Still with me? The third painting ends in dark blue.

All four can be seen at Art on the Boulevard in Vancouver WA.

Gilded History
Muse III

Muse II

Muse I


Jo Reimer said...

I get it about the color progression but I can't tell much about any but the first painting which is gorgeous, Jan. You've really hit your stride and are producing consistantly good work. Way to go!
I wish we were seeing you tomorrow.

Jan Heigh said...

Hi Jo;

Thanks for the kind comments.

I can see why the explanation is confusing! I've changed it a little. Comes from not knowing how to move photos and being too lazy to start all over.

Yes, wish I could see you all tomorrow too.


Paula McNamee said...

Hi Jan, Oh, I want to see the first painting in person. The colors, textures and composition make it really beautiful.