Friday, June 25, 2010

New paintings

I'm off in a new direction recently and lots more I want to explore. I'm working on Ampersand boards which are two inches deep. I'm applying more gilding of various kinds because it's time to break the rules. I'm also applying copper, brass and aluminum sheet metal. I glue and nail the metals to the board. The nails match the metal. Then I rub on various kinds of metal patinas. The metals can also be painted over. Once I've created the right finish I spray the gilding or metals with an acrylic fixative. The metal will not degrade or change.

I'm starting small. The first two above are 16x20 and the third one is 12x12.


Jo Reimer said...

Jan, this new direction is amazing. I can hardly wait to see what else you do with the metallic additions. There's no end to your creativity. Getting ready for these shows has really turned you on. If you keep it up you may have to rent a studio somewhere so you'll have more room to work... or convert the garage.
I saw the encaustic show at LO today and I'm now all fired up to resume my work in encaustics, but first I need to buy some more boards!

Paula McNamee said...

Hi Jan, I really like your new paintings and can't wait to see them. The metal base sounds very interesting and textural.

Jan Heigh said...

Hi Jo;
Oh, yes, a bigger studio would be great! The work with metal and more gilding has been simmering for some time.

Thanks for your kind remarks.


Jan Heigh said...

Hi Paula;

The new paintings are at Art on the Boulevard in Vancouver. I'm working on two others now. It's fun to work with the brass, copper or aluminum and then to work with various kinds of patinas.

Thanks for commenting.