Thursday, September 4, 2008


I make color charts of all the colors I use especially acrylics. Sometimes I'll buy a new color and other times samples of brands I don't use are given out in classes. So it was time to update all my yellows. Who knew I had so many? 

One of my favorite deep yellows is Holbein's Marigold. I found Azo Yellow Orange at Utrecht and it looks very much like the Marigold. I'll know better after I've used them both in a painting. I also really like Golden's fluid Diarylide Yellow. So I bought a tube of it too. There is a difference between the tube and the fluid. I was shocked to see how different. A Golden artist told me the reason there were fewer colors in the fluid series was because the colors are more intense and have more pigment than the tube paints which have a wider choice of colors. I believe her now. I'm going to take back the tube and exchange it for the fluid.

The other interesting point was the difference between brands with the same color. I have Grumbacher, Utrecht and Holbein Cadmium Yellow Light. All totally different colors.  It's the small piece on the left of the photo above.

Sure wish I had thought about including pictures of my chart on the blog because I would have been much neater! Usually I draw lines to make a grid and label more carefully. But the chart will work just fine for me in it's present messy state. 

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