Saturday, October 11, 2008

Open Acrylics

I received the Golden "Just Paint" newsletter last week featuring interviews with various artists about their experiences testing the new Open paints. Also included were three small packets of the paint to test. The colors were titanium white, phthalo blue (green shade) and alizarin crimson hue. I haven't tried them yet but wanted do a brief review of what the artist in the newsletter reported. 

The first artist paints with oils and said the new open paint felt greasier and he liked the idea of doing a stain painting with the new paint. 

The second artist uses oil and acrylic and felt the paint was much easier to move around. It didn't drag like traditional acrylics but he felt the darker colors, using medium, seemed to get cloudy. He said he was impressed with the quality using just water to thin the paint. He also said Open paint doesn't create an edge and it's not a bit like regular acrylic.

The third artist works with oil paints and she was amazed at the ability to blend for as long as she could. She also suggests that sable brushes work much better than bristle brushes. 

The fourth artist who uses gouache, pastels, oils and acrylics suggests using the new Open paints in a thin manner and when ready for thicker paint to use the traditional acrylic. He says the thick application could take months to dry.

There are also special mediums and thinners to use with the new paints. I'm wondering how acrylic glazing liquid, which I use, is similar or different with the new Open paints. After reading the newsletter I had several questions and will send an email to Golden next week. 

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