Monday, November 17, 2008

Critique group

   The PDX-WAM critique group (Minus one)
Saturday morning my critique group met at my house for talk, food and some critiquing of current work. We're a group of about six or seven members who started meeting in 2004. I had arranged a class with Ann Baldwin to be taught in Portland Oregon and after the class some of the students wanted to keep meeting. And so we have continued on a monthly basis. We work mainly in acrylic and mixed media on canvas in generally abstract ways. PDX stands for Portland and WAM means Women in Abstract Media.

One of the many benefits of this group is that we know we're in a group of people who can talk about art endlessly. Our non-art friends and family eventually roll their eyes and go to sleep. Not so this group! 

This Saturday we had a brisk and helpful critique of the art presented. I especially appreciated all the direct and thoughtful suggestions. One of the wonders of a group are the suggestions some of which are as simple as turning the painting upside down. It becomes a whole new atmosphere and why didn't I think of that myself? We tend to get stuck if we're alone in our studios for too long--at least speaking for myself anyway.

Collin has created a nearly 80 page book of our group and our art on Blurb. I'll provide a link when the book is published which should be this week some time. 

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