Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Next stage in the painting

Here is the next stage (unedited) of the painting I posted earlier. At this stage it's a little difficult to see changes but I see them! I took a photo of the work and made it black and white in iPhoto which gave me some ideas for lightening the top 1/3. I always tend to go too dark and have to use alcohol some time near the end of the final painting. But I'm liking what I see today and will take the painting into the living room tonight and look at it off and on. This is the longest stretch of the painting. Looking and looking some more. I look in a darkened room and from a distance. I review my notes on composition and things to watch for when it's time to edit a painting. For example warm vs cool colors and having a variety of sizes and so on.

So make comments and share your thoughts.

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