Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photos while traveling

I mentioned I was going to post some photos of my trip here in the Coachella Valley. But the borrowed lap top had other ideas and is being a bit cranky off and on. So I'll wait until I get home to post, which will be early February.

I'm surprised how not having a working computer has affected me. I thought I would be more upset but it turns out it's OK. Very surprising to me. When I finally could get to my bookmarks and read my blogs I found only a few I really wanted to read. Same with my other bookmark lists. Having this much free time has been a treat and I hope to continue the same feeling of freedom when I'm back home.

I brought I few paints, brushes and smaller pieces of watercolor paper with me but haven't had much time to spread it all out and do anything. I probably won't have anything thing to show when I return. Can't wait to be home and have my computer and studio again!

There is a large art fair here January 23, 24 and 25 called The Southwest Art Festival with over 300 artists. There is an admission fee as well as a parking fee. You can even have a valet park your car for an additional fee. I'll take photos.

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