Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Art Book

I'm currently reading a new book by Mary Todd Beam "The Creative Edge" and want to share some of the information. Mary's first book "Celebrate Your Creative Self" was published in 2001 and I still refer to it.

I took a class from Mary several years ago and heartily recommend her as a teacher. 

Here is a quote from the introduction to the book which I especially liked: "I believe that artists are the visionaries of this world. They help us see and interpret this amazing experience of life. We spend our lifetimes struggling to do that special masterpiece and don't realize that WE are the masterpiece. Your paintings are your shadow. I value you, my dear fellow artists. I know you bring us a better vision of this world."

Mary shares her knowledge fully and there are several step by step techniques with photographs to help explain her process. 

I especially liked her examples of paintings from other artists who used her techniques. 

Both books are useful whether for a beginning or more experienced painter. Lots of good ideas and techniques to try out.

I give it five stars!


Paula McNamee said...

Hi Jan, Just wanted to let you know that I'm subscribed to your blog now. Thanks for all of your artist tips.

Jan Heigh said...

Hi Paula;

Thanks for subscribing. I finally figured out how to do Feedburner!