Friday, March 27, 2009

Robert Genn newsletter

I read the Robert Genn newsletter twice a week when it arrives in my email. I haven't posted about it here on the blog because I assume other artists also read it. But the March 24th newsletter is so good I feel compelled to direct attention to it. It's about choices and how all artists have choices about how they start and finish a painting. There is no wrong way. 

The gist of this newsletter is in this paragraph:

"Today I spoke on the phone to several colleagues. We were talking about planning versus improvisation. While many fine artists plan everything in detail and then simply execute, others admit they don't know what they're doing from the get-go, but they start anyway and spend a lot of time fixing up. Both systems work. Just as some folks are happy and others are miserable, we can simply make choices. The nice thing about choices is that they can be changed."

I'm torn between planning and improvising on every painting I start. And I spend a fair amount of time fixing up along the way. There is no wrong way but sure wish there was an easier way!

And all the talk about how this applies to painters also applies to just living and breathing every day. Lessons are here to be learned every day and I need to remember there are always choices.  

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