Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sorting and recycling

I've been sorting art books and magazines lately. My studio doesn't look any different but I know it's neater and easier to find what I'm looking for now. Some of the art books will go to Powell's books and the magazines will go to a local art group so they will be recycled. I've also generated paper, cardboard and foam core to recycle as best I can.

Speaking of recycling I want to tell you about a local Portland group who publishes a guide to sustainability. It's called Northwest Earth Institute. They say, "The Northwest Earth Institute is recognized as a national leader in the development of innovative programs that empower individuals and organizations to protect ecological systems." We meet every other week and discuss the current chapter of the workbook. There are web sites and references to material if one wants to know more. Some of the more interesting chapters focus on food, buying and creating green communities. Lots of ideas for making a difference in what each person can do in their own homes. 

Now I have to admit I just purchased two new art books. One by Mary Todd Beam and the other by Ann Baldwin. I'll post a review as soon as I read them. I've taken classes from both artists and really admire their skill as artists as well as teachers.

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