Saturday, September 19, 2009

Currently in the studio

Today is nice rainy day and a good day to work on my three current paintings in progress. I have a 36x36 commission, a 24x24 experiment and a gilded 36x36 piece to work on back and forth. Totally different color palettes. Just the way I like to work. While one dries there is always another one to work on since I tend to work in multiple layers. Trying to push a painting before it's dry is a big mistake. Why this has taken me so long to learn I'll never understand.

Here's blog I subscribe to by Tony Moffitt. His latest one titled "Position, position, position" is very thought provoking. Are galleries disappearing quickly? Some in our local area have changed or closed but I don't think they will ever go away. Or at least I sure hope not! So his cautionary post about positioning yourself in a world without galleries is timely and thought provoking if nothing else.

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