Thursday, June 23, 2011

The neighborhood

A wonderful pastry and chocolate shop about three minutes from my door!
One of their pastries---wonderful!

Here's a photo of a street cleaner (on a Sunday) cleaning with his strange looking broom. I could hear the sound of the broom from my apartment. They drive around in green little carts and can turn on a spigot that sends a small river of water down the gutters and into the sewers. I had zero desire to tour the Paris sewers! Why would anyone do that?
This is the stair case in the apartment building. On the far left is the elevator which I used when I had a lot of groceries or suitcases.
The front entry with two doors with buttons to unlock them and the outer one had a number pad for putting in the pass code.
My apartment was on the second floor without the balcony.
Longer view of the apartment building.

Neighborhood shopping streets.

I shopped at this bakery a couple of times and the first time a French customer helped me with my questions. The second time I knew what to ask for in French. Easy to say "I would like two croissants, please". I also understood why the customer had helped me earlier. Not only did the clerk not speak English she had a speech impediment. The croissants were good but the pastry was not.

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