Monday, June 6, 2011

Paris trip

Angelina's Paris May 2011

I recently returned from a much anticipated and researched trip to Paris. I spent 12 nights in an apartment in the 6th district which is a residential rather than touristed area near the southwest corner of the Luxembourg Gardens. The area had a very neighborhood feel with all kinds of shops nearby. It took me a while to find a grocery store and other services but I really liked being in an apartment rather than a hotel.

I learned to use the Metro, found the nearest taxi stand and never figured out the bus system. I did a good deal of walking with 5.5 miles the first day and varied between 2.75 to 4.17 miles for the other days. Not bad for all the terrain which was dirt, gravel, concrete, cobbles and miles and miles of stairs of various kinds. I also had a large blister on the left big toe and banged my right big toe and just lost that toenail last Sunday! I walked a lot and saw so much of Paris. Not enough, of course, but it was all new territory for me anyway. I learned a lot about the French, Paris and myself. What more could you ask of a much studied and personal trip?

The weather was very warm and sunny. The flights were on time and no problems at all.

I took lots of pictures and am working on learning a new iPhoto application now in order to edit and sort them out.

While I didn't eat out too much I made sure to sample lots of pastries and chocolates which I read about on the internet before leaving. There are a lot of very good blogs about Paris and food.

A few of the food related blogs to read:

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