Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Tuba Christmas

Saturday December 13th I met some friends for lunch and a trip to downtown Portland to Pioneer Square to hear the tuba band. There were tubas of all sorts including their smaller cousins. The only name I can remember was a Sousa horn. The music was lovely and much better than I thought it would be---deep and soothing. The director talked a little too much given the outdoor setting.

The musicians were under a tent while the audience was out in the weather. The early birds came with their pieces of plastic and probably cushions of some kind to sit on the steps in front of the band. Others stood around and sought shelter as best they could around Starbucks. It was in the low 40s, windy and mainly rainy but it was a very good turn out. People in the northwest know how to dress for this kind of weather.

The current temps are in the teens and twenties and dressing warm is mandatory. Now if people would just learn how to drive in the snow and ice! Well, to be fair, we don't get much practice around here on most winters. Today the sun is shining and snow is forecast for tomorrow so I've been out doing last minute errands and grocery shopping. Here in Vancouver the streets are mainly clear and business as usual.

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