Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Artist stereotypes

It seems like about the time I'm thinking of an art focused topic Robert Genn writes about it in his newsletter! Today's letter is about stereotypes. We all use stereotypes sometimes to make sense of our lives and our place in the over all picture. I've seen several topics on the web relating to the low number of women artists shown in various museums and galleries especially in the past. And it's true so this isn't a stereotypical statement about women artists.

What about the starving artist? The unreliable or flaky artist? Do you have to be a little crazy to be an artist? I can only speak for the artists I know and I can say they are dedicated, hard working and fully functioning members of society. And mostly well balanced! 

Scroll down and read Allan O'Marra's post about how he thinks Robert is making it sound too easy and doing a snow job on other artists. I don't think Robert's newsletters have ever made being a successful artist sound simple or easy. But that's why I always read the responses to his newsletters---there's always another idea out there to think about.

Be sure to read the post by Janice Slattery about her group of artists sharing encouragement. Here is the gallery where the group shows: La Habra Art Gallery.

Earlier I posted about when to know if a painting is finished and some tips to figure it out. One of the important things I didn't add was the support, encouragement and help of my critique group. So thank you to Collin, Marge, Nikki, Leslie and Ann. You are so appreciated!

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