Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Women's Art Show at the Pompidou Center

I posted in an earlier post about the women's show at the Pompidou Center. 

Here is a review of the show. Sounds most interesting and runs through May 2010.

I believe male artist's couldn't have made their art without a woman in the house doing all the work around maintaining a structure for him and the family. Women were too busy to think about making art! Well, it's one explanation about why there are fewer women artists represented in the art museums.

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Joyce Owens said...

Absolutely! As a woman who has struggled to make art in a house of males, I see that they are not programmed to think about me. They do what they do and I have to insinuate my work into the program where I can! I decided to make myself "selfish" and understand that I had to change my thinking because they never will!