Monday, June 29, 2009

Sketching, drawing class

Saturday (6-27-09) I met some friends at the marina near where the Jazz Festival in Portland is held each year to do some sketching. I've never explored the area and have to say it is beautiful. A small lush garden with lily ponds and a paved trail that goes all the way to the Sellwood bridge. Not to mention views of the Marquam and Hawthorne bridges.

We had lunch at a grill right on the water. Once when a large boat or ship went by the server came by and told everyone to pick up their purses in case the water came all the way to where we were sitting on the dock. They have a very nice seating area inside too. Very good food!

I'm starting a drawing class on July 6th and I'm sure I'll improve with some help. In the meantime, I'm posting one of my drawings. This is part of what this blog is about----taking chances and sticking my neck out!

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Jo Reimer said...

Jan, your drawing is just right. It captures the active landscape of the Portland river front with the bridges, water, boats, sky. And you've automatically abstracted what was in front of you! Perhaps you could take that drawing to your easel and turn it into a really nice painting. There's a lot of information in that drawing to mine for studio work which is part of why we draw in the first place.