Monday, June 8, 2009

Last week end

This last week end was full of events for the Rose Festival in Portland Oregon. Did I go to the Rose Parade? Or the Waterfront Park fun center? Or do anything related to the Rose Festival? No. I went to the Japanese Garden where they had a show called "Parallel Worlds" which runs through June 28th. They also had a show of unusual Ikebana floral arrangements. Not the small, stylish and refined Ikebana I've seen before but huge arrangements with tree like branches. Very unusual and wish I had taken pictures. The day was cool and misty but not really raining. The Rose Gardens were beautiful even with the hard rain storm we had on Thursday. I also visited Powell's book store so it was a full day and I had a wonderful time.

As far as art related activities, I've spent several hours cleaning my studio. I've even scraped up most of the paint from the floor. Now it's time to get this room dirty and messy again!

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